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70W.75W.80W FLEX-03NS CIGS Flex Solar Panel


70W.75W.80W FLEX-03NS CIGS Flex Solar Panel

FLEX-03NS Series
70W.75W.80W FLEX-03NS Series CIGS Flex Solar Panel
Power Option: 70W, 75W, 80W
Dimension: 348 MM*1710MM
Weight: 1.3 KG
With back adhesive tape


-Lightweight: Less than 2.4 kg/m2. Flexible solar modules are so much lighter than heavy rigid silicon panels mounted with racks, they are the best solution for building structures with low dead load and environmental  load limitations (such as snow). The modules are also ideal for other structures, such as autos, trucks, and RVs, that are not constructed to support the weight of traditional solar panels.

-Powerful: Miasole Flexible solar modules are the highest efficiency flexible thin-film CIGS modules in production today, providing the highest power density per kilogram in a commercially available solar module. Our apertureefficiencies are as high as 17%, providing over four times the power generation per kilogram of silicon. In the future, efficiencies of  up to 20%are expected.

-Easy to Install: Flexible solar modules use peel-and-stick application. This eliminates penetrations into the structure, reducing the chance of leaks. Peel-and-stick application also allows for installation on surfaces such  as autos, trucks, and RVs where racks would not be feasible, and lowers the balance-of-systems (BOS) costs and complexity when mounting FLEX modules on rooftops.

-Flexible: Flexible solar modules conform to curved surfaces, enabling solar power generation on surfaces not suited to traditional rigid silicon panels.

-Shatterproof:  FLEX modules are shatterproof, and won't break if struck by debris.

-Resistant to Natural Disasters: Flexible solar modules are thin (2.5mm) and adhere directly to surfaces, providing excellent wind and seismic resistance.

-Reliable: Flexible solar modules'unique redundant interconnect design enables industry-leading reliability.


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